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Pickin' On Bluegrass Country Instrumental Christmas Gospel Soundtracks Kids Tributes Karaoke Misc.

CD Price: $13.98
Pickin' On Def Leppard - A Bluegrass Tribute

Catalog #: CMH-9555
Release Date: 4/8/2008

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Hailing from Sheffield, the traditional home of the British steel industry, Def Leppard carried the torch for eighties metal from those shores to glory and massive mainstream success in the USA and ultimately the world. The band perfected a pioneering pop-metal style with puns and innuendos to rival fellow rockers AC/DC. MTV appeared in time to project them into every living room across the US and their collaborations with producer Mutt Lange produced two of the biggest selling rock albums of all time. Triumphing over personal tragedies, Def Leppard continues to record, tour and entertain millions of fans today.

Behind the over the top image, massive stadium concerts and world tours, Def Leppard are essentially a hard working rock band. At the core of their sound are accomplished and well-written songs. These classic tracks are stripped down and performed bluegrass style with soaring harmonies, mandolin, banjo, dobro and guitar. Tracks such as “Photograph”, “Animal” and “Pour Some Sugar On Me” are transformed into rockin’ bluegrass nuggets of gold. You’ll hear Def Leppard in a fresh and inspiring light.

Tributed Artists:
Def Leppard, Cornbread Red
Bringin’ On The Heartbreak
 Rock of Ages
 Love Bites
Pour Some Sugar on Me
 Armageddon It
10  Hysteria
11  Let’s Get Rocked
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