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CD Price: $13.98
Livin's EZ: The Hawaiian Tribute to Sublime

Catalog #: CMH-9173
Release Date: 6/27/2006

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With only a handful of home-made albums, no one could have expected Sublime to achieve the kind of success they did with their 1996 self-titled release. While their earlier records showcased obvious ingenuity, Sublime was a full-blown studio masterpiece. Soon, the band would have four consecutive radio hits, with many other tracks off the record winding up on the air in later years. Sadly, lead singer/songwriter Brad Nowell passed away two months before the legendary album’s release. Though they would never release another album of new material, Sublime’s sales and fanbase would continue to grow and grow over the next decade.

Sublime had a sound few had heard before; a smooth, down-to-earth blend of punk, hip-hop, reggae, ska, dub, etc. CMH Records has taken these luminous elements and transplanted them from their origins in the concrete beaches of Long Beach to the shimmering tropics of the Hawaiian Islands. With some of the best musicians in the Hawaiian scene, recreating the very best grooves from Sublime’s catalog, tracks like “What I Got” and “Doin’ Time” are given the tropical treatment. Fans of their unique, laid-back sound are going to love this Hawaiian Tribute to Sublime. It’s gonna make livin’ easy.

Tributed Artists:
 Garden Grove
What I Got
 Wrong Way
 Same in the End
 April 29, 1992 (Miami)
 Pawn Shop
 Under My Voodoo
 Get Ready
10  Caress Me Down
11  Doin’ Time
12  Kalana ‘Alani (Original composition inspired by the music of Sublime)
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