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Born out of a love of rock music and for the virtuosity of bluegrass musicians, the Pickin’ On Series features the best in bluegrass paying tribute to the biggest and brightest artists in rock and pop. Though it started modestly in 1993 with the release of Pickin’ On the Movies, tributes to The Beatles and Eagles soon followed and by 1997 the Pickin’ On Series was on fire. The Pickin’ On Series continues to thrive with one hand in traditional bluegrass and the other in popular music, ready for the next chance to create innovative bluegrass music.

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  • The Pickin’ On Series has over 2,000 master recordings in its catalog
  • Over 39.6 million audio streams, across all platforms and services, over the last 3 years
  • Currently 151,000+ monthly listeners and 48,000+ followers on Spotify
  • A mainstay on Spotify’s official “Bluegrass Covers” playlist (currently features 13 Pickin’ On tracks)
  • Series hit Fade to Bluegrass – The Bluegrass Tribute to Metallica has accumulated 6.2 million streams and sold over 133,000 track downloads
  • Our tributes to Green Day and Van Halen ranked #6 and #14 on Billboard’s End of the Year Bluegrass Charts for 2006, respectively
Featured “Night on the Sun” from The Bluegrass Tribute to Modest Mouse: Something You’ve Never Heard Before
Featured “Smoke on the Water” from The Bluegrass Tribute to Classic Rock
"Like a hot poker hand, it sees Eddie Van Halen's guitar histrionics, and raises him. The John Jorgenson Bluegrass Band shreds 'Jamie's Cryin'' in a way the original couldn't… Blue Highway's melancholic take on "I'll Wait" peels back the distorted layers of Van Halen's chord structure, revealing complex melody."
"Great. It’s nice to see that most of the songs weren’t straight ports. 'When I Come Around' was taken from a solid pop-punk song to a touching soft ballad. The music throughout the entire song is moving…"


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