Pickin' On the Biggest Hits of the 1980s Vol. 2

By Jessica Apperson

Pickin' On the Biggest Hits of the 1980s Vol. 2

We are beyond excited to announce our upcoming project - Pickin' On the Biggest Hits of the 1980s Vol. 2 featuring Brad Davis - Available 2.24.17 

GRAMMY Record Winning Performer (Warren Zevon’s The Wind) Brad Davis is known in the Bluegrass circles for his original Double-Down-Up guitar technique, his songwriting, vocals and producer talents. He has worked with the likes of Willie Nelson, Sheryl Crow, Earl Scruggs, Marty Stuart, Tommy Shaw, and Billy Bob Thornton, just to name a few. Brad has also made television appearances on Leno, Conan, The View, Good Morning America, Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel. 

"I am so honored to be the producer of the CMH bluegrass tribute to the legendary hits of the 80s.  I felt like these songs had such an impact on our generation that the only way to create a bluegrass arrangement was to use the original track as my pilot for the grass version.  I fell in love with these songs years ago and I hope this tribute will cause everyone to fall in love again."- Brad Davis

"Of all the renditions of our song—and there are many—Brad Davis has taken it to a place I never expected in the coolest way," - Toto's Steve Lukather 

Read more: http://www.guitarworld.com/artist-news/toto-africa-goes-bluegrass-steve-lukather-approves/30664 

Pre-Order on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/africa-feat.-brad-davis/id1201494384?i=1201495054 

Pre-Order on our website: https://www.cmhrecords.com/collections/pickin-on/products/pickin-on-the-biggest-hits-of-the-1980s-vol-2   

Take a listen to Toto's "Africa"




  • Do you have Pickin on Led Zeppelin if so how do I get it?

    wanda clippard on

  • Are yall the same folks that did PICKIN ON GEORGE STRAIT several years ago?
    If so I know Dennis Wage was part of that. Simply the best pieano and B3 player in Nashville.
    Regardles I would love any info about you, and/or your catalog.

    Barry Truax on

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