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Pickin’ On Pearl Jam
Pickin’ On Pearl Jam Sale priceFrom $9.99
Sold outPickin’ On Modest Mouse - LP
Pickin’ On NirvanaPickin’ On Nirvana
Pickin’ On Nirvana Sale priceFrom $9.99
Pickin’ On Nirvana - LPPickin’ On Nirvana - LP
Pickin’ On Nirvana - LP Sale price$25.00
Pickin’ On The Biggest Hits of the 1980s Vol. 2
album art for CMH pickin on 90s tribute
Pickin' On The 90's Sale price$9.99
Pickin' On Taylor Swift Volume 2
Pickin' On Wedding Collection
Pickin' On Mumford & Sons' Babel
Pickin’ On Modern Rock Hits
Pickin' On Country Hits
Pickin' On Country Hits Sale price$4.99
The Bluegrass Tribute to Jack White
The Bluegrass Tribute to Mumford & Sons
The Bluegrass Tribute to The Black Keys
Bluegrass Tribute to Darius Rucker & Hootie & The Blowfish
cmh pickin on goo goo dolls bluegrass tribute
Pickin' & Singin': The Bluegrass Tribute to Taylor Swift
The Bluegrass Tribute to Classic Rock Volume 2
The Bluegrass Tribute to Classic Rock
The Gospel According to Hank Williams: The Bluegrass Gospel Tribute Performed by Iron Horse
Take Me Home: The Bluegrass Tribute to Guns N' Roses
album art for the bluegrass tribute to the offspring - bluegrass covers of rock songs
Something You've Never Heard Before: Bluegrass to Modest MouseSomething You've Never Heard Before: Bluegrass to Modest Mouse
Bluegrass Tribute to The Shins
This is Just a Tribute: Bluegrass Wrecks the Music of Tenacious D
Life, Birth, Blue, Grass: The Bluegrass Tribute to Black Label Society
North Country: Pickin' On Bob Dylan - The Bluegrass Tribute
Pickin' On Tom Petty
Pickin' On Tom Petty Sale priceFrom $9.99
Fade to Bluegrass Volume 2: The Bluegrass Tribute to Metallica
cover art for Bluegrass Tribute to Linkin Park by CMH Records
Green Day Bluegrass: Pickin' On Green Day, A Bluegrass Tribute
text that reads: back in bluegrass - the bluegrass tribute to ACDC
Pickin' On Coldplay
Pickin' On Coldplay Sale priceFrom $9.99
Whole Lotta Bluegrass: A Tribute to Led Zeppelin
Album art for Back & Bluegrass - Ozzy Osbourne covers featuring Iron Horse
Fade to Bluegrass: The Bluegrass Tribute to MetallicaFade to Bluegrass: The Bluegrass Tribute to Metallica
Fade to Bluegrass: The Bluegrass Tribute to Metallica - LP
Pickin' On Pink Floyd: A Bluegrass Tribute
Pickin' On U2: A Bluegrass Tribute
Breathe: The Bluegrass Tribute to Dave Matthews Band
Pickin' On Jimmy Buffett
Pickin' On Jimmy Buffett Sale price$9.99
Pickin' On Garth Brooks
Pickin' On Garth Brooks Sale priceFrom $9.99
Pickin' On ZZ Top
Pickin' On ZZ Top Sale price$9.99
Pickin’ On The Eagles
Pickin’ On The Eagles Sale price$9.99
Pickin' On Clapton
Pickin' On Clapton Sale priceFrom $9.99
Pickin' On The Beatles Volume 2
Pickin' On The Beatles Volume 2 Sale priceFrom $9.99
Rocky Mountain High: A Tribute to John Denver
Heigh Ho Banjo: Bluegrass Salutes Favorite Disney Songs

After the loss of Martin Haerle, there was an air of uncertainty regarding the future of CMH Records. That began to fade as Martin’s son David carried the company into the new decade with CMH’s creation of the Pickin’ On Series in the early 1990’s. Born out of David’s love of rock music and admiration for the virtuosity of bluegrass musicians, the Pickin’ On Series was the best bluegrass pickers out of Nashville and California performing instrumental tributes to the biggest and best-loved artists in rock music.

Though it started modestly in 1993 with the release of Pickin’ On the Movies, tributes to The Beatles and Eagles soon followed and by 1997 the Pickin’ On Series was on fire. The release of Pickin’ On The Grateful Dead brought CMH a true hit and the series regularly dominated bluegrass music charts with distributors clamoring for more. Excited with this success, CMH’s team continued cutting Pickin’ On hits and looking for innovative ways to keep the music fresh. 2003 brought the hit Fade to Bluegrass: The Bluegrass Tribute to Metallica featuring the group Iron Horse, which added yet another dimension to Pickin’ On. This landmark release introduced bluegrass singing and harmonies to the series and the concept of an established band behind the music, giving it a rich personality. Fade to Bluegrass was so well received in fact that it warranted a second Metallica tribute.

Iron Horse, Cornbread Red, and The Infamous String Dusters are just a few of the bands that have become the voices behind the series in addition to longtime star producers and players such as David West and Mark Thornton. At the same time, the series was broadening the reach of its repertoire, with successful tributes to modern and alternative artists like Modest Mouse, Green Day, and Mumford and Sons. The Pickin’ On Series continues to thrive with one hand in traditional bluegrass and the other in popular music, ready for the next chance to create innovative bluegrass music.