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Pickin’ On Modest Mouse - LP

Sale price$34.98

Like so many indie bands who hit it big, Modest Mouse seemed to pop up overnight when they dropped their smash hit Good News for People Who Love Bad News. However, they had been winning over fans with their mix of clever wordplay and eclectic songwriting for well over a decade by the time “Float On” took over the airwaves. The foundation of the band—Isaac Brock, Eric Judy and Jeremiah Green—have made it their business to create some of the most disarming music inside or outside the mainstream. In the end, it is their unique approach to popular music that has so many fans, new and old, swooning to their endearing anthems.

Something You’ve Never Heard Before is an unorthodox tribute to one of music’s most unorthodox bands. Iron Horse is treading on uncertain terrain to be sure, but their deft mix of technical picking and minimized harmonies has turned this album into a singularly haunting and angelic experience. It is a testament to the talent of Modest Mouse that this tribute will certainly ring true with fans of all music. Something You’ve Never Heard Before is good news to fall on anybody’s ears.