Pickin' On ZZ Top

Pickin' On ZZ Top

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Release Date: 3/7/2000 

Pickin’ On ZZ Top is a compilation of red-hot bluegrass renditions of the blues-rock trio’s greatest tunes. Performed by the world’s most rocking bluegrass musicians, this instrumental collection captures ZZ Top’s distinctive style and gives it a fantastically unique spin. From the lightning fast pickin’ on classics like "Gimme All Your Lovin’" and "La Grange" to the groovy blues on "Jesus Just Left Chicago", these incredible recordings showcase not only the original style of ZZ Top, but the powerful performance of the players featured here.



  1. Heard it on the X
  2. La Grange
  3. Sleeping Bag
  4. Party On The Patio
  5. Gimme All Your Lovin’
  6. I’m Bad, I’m Nationwide
  7. Cheap Sunglasses
  8. Tube Snake Boogie
  9. Legs
  10. Tush 
  11. Jesus Just Left Chicago
  12. Sharp Dressed Man