Green Day Bluegrass: Pickin' On Green Day, A Bluegrass Tribute

Green Day Bluegrass: Pickin' On Green Day, A Bluegrass Tribute

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Release Date: 8/23/2005

Lead guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong must have really stomped on that sustain pedal, because Green Day have staying power plus. The punk-pop trio from Berkeley crashed the charts with their hooky singles, sold a zillion records and took home one of those funny, funky looking mantel-warmers called a Grammy. Then they shed their boys-will-be-boys adolescence and emerged with “American Idiot”, a rock opera/political manifesto that mixes angst with ambition, and polemics with pop. 

Green Day goes Bluegrass? Hell, yes! These acoustic covers of the Bay Area boys’ precocious hits are a perfect blend of punk and pickin’. If you haven’t walked the “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” to the soundtrack of banjo, fiddle and mandolin, you haven’t heard what the streets are sayin’. And when these hotshot pickers sink their teeth into radio candy like “Welcome to Paradise” and “When I Come Around,” you’ll be in blue-green heaven. Pickin’ On Green Day–music only an American idiot could resist.



  1. American Idiot
  2. Boulevard of Broken Dreams
  3. Welcome to Paradise
  4. Basket Case
  5. Coming Clean
  6. Time of Your Life (Good Riddance)
  7. Maria
  8. Warning
  9. When I Come Around
  10. Nice Guys Finish Last
  11. Extraordinary Girl
  12. Wake Me Up When September Ends

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