Fiddlers' Hall of Fame

Fiddlers' Hall of Fame

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Release Date: 3/9/1992


Where would country music be today without the fiddle? Fiddles were at the heart of western swing as it developed in the southwest in the 1930s, and of bluegrass as it matured in the southeast in the 1940s and ‘50s. Over the years, as country has flirted with pop music time and time again, and seemed in danger of losing its identity, the fiddle has been there to keep the country in country music. This album showcases some of the many styles of country fiddling as played by today’s top professional fiddlers. The Music ranges from traditional tunes over two centuries old, to recent compositions by some of the players heard here. The selections of old-time fiddling are played by some of the greatest, thus intended for listening rather than dancing – though the insistent pulse of the music will undoubtedly inspire many listeners to indulge in a step or two around the living room! Just to name a few of the immortal fiddlers featured on this album, Johnny Gimble, Paul Warren, Fiddlin' Red Herron, Chubby Wise, Benny Martin, Ramona Jones, Buddy Spicher, and others and many more!



  1. Hornepipe Medley – Buddy Spicher
  2. Give The Fiddler A Dram – Fiddlin’ Red Herron
  3. Lee Highway Blues – Chubby Wise
  4. Twilight Waltz – Johnny Gimble
  5. Ramona’s Choice – Ramona Jones
  6. Limehoues Blues – Fiddlin’ Red Herron
  7. Wabash Cannonball – Benny Martin
  8. Fat Boy Rag – Johnny Gimble
  9. Leather Britches – Mike Hartgorve & Don Parmley
  10. Peacock Rag – Clarence ‘Tater’ Tate
  11. Dusty Miller – Paul Warren
  12. Sunny Side Of The Mountain – Buddy Spicher
  13. Black & White Bag – Johnny Gimble
  14. McMichen’s Reel – Fiddlin’ Red Herron
  15. Sweet Bunch of Daisies – Buddy Spicher & Benny Martin
  16. Grey Eagle – Paul Warren
  17. Beaumont Rag – Johnny Gimble
  18. Bonaparte Corssing The Alps – Ramona Jones
  19. Arkansas Traveler – Fiddlin’ Red Herron
  20. Barefoot Fiddler – Johnny Gimble
  21. Georgiana Moon – Buddy Spicher & Benny Martin
  22. Scotland – Randall Collins & Jerry Moore
  23. Soldier’s Joy – Benny Martin
  24. Jole Blon’ – Johnny Gimble
  25. Fire On The Mountain – Fiddlin’ Red Herron
  26. New Five Cents* - Paul Warren
  27. Forked Deer – Buddy Spicker & Wynn Osborne
  28. Sweet Georgia Brown – Fiddlin’ Red Herron