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Merle Travis - Travis Pickin'

Sale price$9.99

Though Merle Travis is known for his brilliant songwriting and fine singing, it is still his guitar playing that remains his most enduring contribution to American music. The syncopated ring of his signature fingerpicking style has gone far beyond the Kentucky coal country where he first heard it as a boy. His earliest recordings were much like the ones included on this album, simple solo acoustic instrumentals later termed, “Travis Pickin’”. It is with an acoustic guitar that the essence of Travis Pickin’ can best be appreciated. Unamplified and unaccompanied in the way Merle first heard the technique played. Every bit of music comes from the hands, the guitar, and the soul of the master, Merle Travis.

Merle Travis - Travis Pickin'
Merle Travis - Travis Pickin' Sale price$9.99